Monday, May 30, 2011

Sluggish Mile Attempt

At the end of a long week of training, I thought it was time for a mile attempt, so on Saturday, I biked to the track, warmed up, and lined up.  I felt tired and almost aborted, but figured at least it was a good mental exercise. That's about what it ended up being.  I ran a 5:33.8, when I am really thinking that I'm close to 5:20 condition.  But, I didn't feel too bad, as I ran 29 miles for the week, with 2 speed workouts, and did not rest the day before.  Feeling a bit bad, I then decided to salvage the trip to the track and ran 4 quarters, averaging about 82 to 83 seconds each.  I want home exhausted, but felt it was a good workout.  Then yesterday I ran 5.8 miles mainly on trails, including getting attacked by a goose that was protecting some goslings!  Today I ran 5.4 miles in a heat wave (for us) with temps about 85 degrees and very humid.

Next weekend I'm eyeing a 5K road race.

Stay tuned!

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