Saturday, March 28, 2009

First Mile of the Spring!

Finally, I stopped thinking about it and simply went to the track and conducted a mile time trial today. Actually, I put on my racing flats yesterday and jogged over to the track after work, but there was a full-fledged varsity lacrosse game underway, so I had to abort.

The good news is that I met my traditional goal of breaking 6 the first time out, although it was close. I ran 5:57 flat, with rather erratic splits of 88, 3:02, 4:33, and then an 84-second final lap. The 84-second lap was encouraging, likely indicating that I had some reserve, and could have managed a little bit faster time overall. However, I'm fairly satisfied with the result. The next goal, within 2 weeks or so, will be breaking 5:50, and as long as I'm that close to it, I might as well shoot for the Norton Barrier of 5:48 (search on the words "Norton Barrier" within this blog for detailed explanation of the Norton Barrier, and its significance).

Is sub-5 still in the plans? Well, after knocking myself out to run a 5:57, I thought about what it would take to peel off another 57 or 58 seconds, and it's not a pleasant thought. However, I have not started any serious running or speed workouts yet this spring, my longest run of the year has only been 5 miles, and it's not even April, so I guess I'll hang onto the dream for a while longer..............


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Binghamton Makes the NCAA Basketball Big Dance!

(Note: click on the title of this post to see details about the game).
It's true! Today for the first time, the Binghamton Colonials (oops, Bearcats) earned an automatic berth to the NCAA basketball playoffs by winning the America East Conference game at home (61-51 win over UMBC). My daughter Kaila texted me to let me know the game was on TV. This is a relatively big deal!

(by the way, is that Oliver and Basil in that photo?)

What does this have to do with Mark and Eric's Running and Dave's wisdom, you might ask. Everything! Mark and Eric ran Division III track and cross country for Binghamton many years ago. In fact, the cross team likely had one of the longest running winning records of any sports team of that era (70s). This type of heritage laid the foundation for Binghamton's later transition to Division I sports, and now, finally, a spot in the Big Dance. Well, maybe this is a stretch, but so what?


Thursday, March 12, 2009

2009 Biking Season nipped in the bud...

I was blanked in January; too much snow. I put in a decent 128 miles and 50% of my commute days in February. In March, exactly three miles from home to the intersection where a 25 year old woman "failed to yield" at the stop at a T and T-boned me.

Broken collar bone. Four broken ribs. Four days in the hospital. At least three months of healing.

Be careful out there...


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mid-week update

Skipped Monday, then ran Tuesday (4 miles) and Wednesday (4 miles). May run tomorrow, but will plan on at least 5 days of running this week. If all goes well, I would like to run a mile time trial this weekend..........stay tuned!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Training Update

Although I missed running on Friday, I ran Saturday and Sunday, fairly easy both days. 4.2 miles Saturday, averaging 8:26 per mile, and 4.5 miles Sunday, averaging 8:44 per mile. Both days I ran on the track, just to get used to being on the track again, and I ran a few very short (100 meter) farteks during each run.

If all goes well, I still hope to do a mile time trial this coming weekend.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Training Starts!

Wow! It was a tough few weeks. I was sick for two weeks in late February and couldn't run. Then, my nephew passed away and I was in NYC for the funeral this past weekend. Last week, prior to leaving for the funeral, I did manage to go for 2 or 3 short runs (a couple 2 milers, and I think a 3 miler, maybe a 4-miler). Then, 3 days off for the weekend, another couple days off due to cold weather (worried about aggravating my lungs after the bad cold I had) and finally a return to running last night, with about 3.2 miles at a moderate pace. Tonight the temperatures should be in the mid-40s, and I plan to run 4 miles, then keep right on going through the weekend. I need about a week straight of running, then I'll attempt my first spring mile on the track. I'm not expecting too much, due to nearly a month of not running or not running consistently. On the positive side, the illness gave my legs and body a forced rest and recovery period. Maybe this will turn out well, as I'll need some real stamina to attempt the sub-5 mile this spring or early summer.

I hope I have a mile time to report within about 9 days!