Saturday, February 28, 2015

Our Blog All-time Audience Stats

I thought this was interesting.  Here are our all time statistics in no. of Page Views since the formation of our blog several years ago.  I don't know if all the foreigners viewing our blog are real people, or just internet "robots", but Russia and Eastern Europe seem quite interested in Mark and Eric's Running and Dave's Wisdom!

Preparing for Spring Racing?

Frozen Upper Falls, Letchworth State Park, NY
I have been able to do more cross country skiing this year than I have in a long time, due to the prolonged, cold, snowy winter.  It has actually been very enjoyable.  Winter photos are shown below!!
Young Buck and L.T. Raybuck XC Skiing in Houghton, NY

"Ice Volcano" in Letchworth Park, 50 feet high, formed simply by a pond fountain left on all winter!
Chris Lennon, working out.