Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vintage Eric!

The photos say it all! Yes, this was Eric Kaplan as a young Dr. K Strider.

As you can see, the Striders maintained a strong nationwide presence throughout the late 70s.

Just recently, Eric admitted that the hair may have actually caused some wind resistance, resulting in slower than optimal times. It might actually be fair to adjust his PRs (see right column of blog) by 2 or 3 seconds per mile.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Training Update: more of the same!

With continued cold and snow, cross country ski conditions have been great. I got out again Saturday and Sunday for about 2.5 miles each time, including some rolling hills. On Sunday, my time was faster, averaging 11:43/mile for 2.5 miles. For comparison, my usual 4-mile training runs are about 8 to 8:30 per mile. In fact, I had to work a bit harder to hit 11:43 for a 30-minute workout than a comparable 30-minute run at 8:20 or 8:30 pace. Part of this is probably that I am not a great skiier. The other part is the rolling hills and turns in the park. Hopefully, this is keeping me in shape for Spring running, and yet another year of attempting the elusive Sub-5 mile...........(it's easy to talk about a fast mile in the dead of winter while puttering around on skis).


Friday, January 8, 2010

Winter Training!

Winter training is in full force. By that I mean, not much running, finally doing some strength and weight training, and yes............cross country skiing. So far this week, I have XC skiid 3 times. The last time out (Wednesday), I did 2.44 miles, averaging 12:35 per mile, including some hills, and plowing through some fresh snow. The second lap around the park was faster, once the trail was blazed. Hope to get out again tonight, and over the weekend, as we received significant snow last weekend, then a couple inches here and there throughout the week.

Next week I may go downhill skiing. That doesn't count a whole lot towards workouts (all downhill), but it definitely is exercise.

I am curious what the other numerous blog readers/authors are doing for training this winter.