Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Update

I traveled home from Maryland last Wednesday, so lost a day of training, but finished the week with a respectable 25.5 miles in only 4 runs. This week may be a struggle, as I've got only 10 miles as of yesterday (Tuesday), and tonight I am scheduled for tennnis. I may be running a 5K road race or XC race Saturday.

Yesterday, I did my first "speed" workout of the "season." (my wife always says "what season??). I ran 4 non-stop miles, almost all on grass and trails. The first 1.25 miles was at about an 8:50 pace, followed by 2.1 miles at 7:06 pace (7:09, 7:04), and the last 0.8 miles at about 8:50 again.

I have several interesting cross country races planned, but my father has been ill, so my schedule is always uncertain these days.

I'll keep you posted!

Where is Eric????


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Record Training Week!

35 miles this week, in 5 runs, consisting of 6 to 8 mile hilly trail runs! If this keeps up, I might actually get in shape. This is the most I have run in a week in many years. The 35 miles was totaled from Sunday to Saturday, but if I go back to last Monday and count Monday to Sunday (7 days), I actually ran over 40 miles in a week!

Not sure what this week will entail. I'm still in Maryland for now.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cross Country Training Update

Finally, some decent cross country training. I'm down here in Potomac, Maryland this week, and just discovered a great trail system right near my brother's house. In fact, I can even run to one point of it. The last three days I have run 8, 6, and 7 miles respectively, all on fairly rugged trails. Good elevation changes, up and down a fairly steeply incised creek valley (Cabin John Creek), quite a bit of rugged, single-track trail, deer, fox, critters, nice view of the creek, sometimes running right on the edge of a small cliff. Yesterday, I came within 5 yards of a buck, and also saw a fox.

Today it rained, so I may do roads, unless it stops. Not sure how these trails would work in the rain.

Where is Eric? Actually, he emailed and he is alive and well, just nothing noteworthy recently to blog about.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Running and Tennis Update

After a good start to the week, with a 6 miler on both Sunday and Monday, I did not run Tuesday (but lifted some weights and did ab work), then nothing Wednesday (weights and abs). After dinner and putting the grandson to bed last night, I forced myself out the door in the dark and ran 5 miles on the roads. I purposely did not bring my watch, but if I had to guess, I think I averaged about 8:20 per mile. So, now I have 17 miles in this week. Tonight I will play a tennis match with a good competitor (we're about dead even 3.5 players), so that will be decent exercise. I plan on running about 6.5 miles Saturday, if possible, including some rolling hills.

Then Sunday, I'm driving to Maryland to help out with my dad. Depending on when I leave the house, I'll try to run 4 miles when I arrive, then I hope I can run at least 3 or 4 times during the week in Maryland. I found out that there is a nice trail system near my brother's house (Cabin John Creek trail), so I hope to run there a couple times. The area has rolling hills, so I should get in some good workouts.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Better Update!

Finally, some running! Starting with last Thursday night, I ran 5 days in a row, thanks in part to the long weekend. 4, 5, 5, 6, and 6 miles respectively. Some of these runs were on grass or in parks, and at least one run included rolling hills. Tennis is tentatively planned for tonight, but it may be too windy, in which case I will try to run again!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Running Update: good and bad

Last week, I ran about 22.5 miles, the most in many weeks, including some good rolling hills in Potomac, Maryland. This week is a different story. After playing a couple tough tennis matches on Sunday and Monday, I did nothing (other than a weight workout) on Tuesday and Wednesday, then finally ran 4 miles at 8:28 per mile last night. My daughter is back in nursing school after the summer off (night school), so my grandson babysitting duties in the evening have picked up. By the time I entertain him, help him eat dinner, give him a bath, read stories, and then hang around in his room while he falls asleep, it is close to 9 pm, and my motivation for running is significantly decreased. Anyway, I should be able to run tonight, and then each day on the long weekend (although I would also like to play tennis).

Cross country season is upon us!!!!


Where is Eric?

I'm a bit concerned.............where is the infamous Eric of Mark and Eric's Running and Dave's Wisdom? As the founder of this blog, he should be one of the primary contributing authors, yet he seems to have disappeared. If any of the blog members have heard from Eric (or better yet, Eric himself), please post...........