Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cross Country Training Update

Finally, some decent cross country training. I'm down here in Potomac, Maryland this week, and just discovered a great trail system right near my brother's house. In fact, I can even run to one point of it. The last three days I have run 8, 6, and 7 miles respectively, all on fairly rugged trails. Good elevation changes, up and down a fairly steeply incised creek valley (Cabin John Creek), quite a bit of rugged, single-track trail, deer, fox, critters, nice view of the creek, sometimes running right on the edge of a small cliff. Yesterday, I came within 5 yards of a buck, and also saw a fox.

Today it rained, so I may do roads, unless it stops. Not sure how these trails would work in the rain.

Where is Eric? Actually, he emailed and he is alive and well, just nothing noteworthy recently to blog about.

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