Friday, August 26, 2011

About Time for an Update!

Hi, folks!  I know the many readers of this blog have benn anxiously awaiting updates from our various authors, so I will chime in.  I ran a mile a couple weeks ago, as a last minute thought after work one night.  It was a bad idea, as I only managed 5:41, slower than my 5:30 from more than a month ago, and slower than my very first mile attempt in April, when I had done very little training!!!  Not sure what happened, but I'll chalk it up to a bad day.  I still feel like I'm in good shape, and improving. 

Cooler weather hit the northeast, and my training pace dropped suddenly by 10 to 30 seconds per mile.  The other day I did 5 miles, nearly all grass/trails, and still averaged about 8:15/mile, feeling great.

The Track and Field World Championships start this weekend, so I'm sure our authors will be posting thoughts and commentaries throughout the championships, so please tune in frequently for updates, posts, and expert commentary!


Monday, August 1, 2011

More heat training

The official heat wave is over, but it has settled into temps in the 80s and relatively high humidity.  I ran 7.3 miles Saturday under warm conditions, but actually felt pretty good, and averaged 8:26/mile, with the last 3 miles at about 8:14 pace.  That gave me 30.5 miles for the week (high for me).  Did not run Sunday (weights and abs), then ran 7 miles today under even warmer conditions, 8:43/mile average.  Too hot for speed workouts or time trials.  I'll get onto the track as soon as it cools off a bit.

World track and field championships are coming up later this month, so I'm sure there will be numerous posts about the results as they happen.