Monday, February 16, 2009

Illness Break

My legs were forced into a one-week break due to a severe cold. I have not run since last Tuesday, and actually went to the doctor today (although all I have is a bad cold and "pink eye." What this means is that I will probably walk some tomorrow, then do an easy run Wednesday, before returning to normal training. A mile time trial is now at least a week off, unless I recoop faster than expected. Hope to have good news soon!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Track was clear, but I couldn't run!

The snow melted off the track sometime in the last few days, but I have been hammered with a bad cold, and have not run since Tuesday night. Today I felt good enough to go for a walk, so I walked over to the track, walked a couple laps around, then walked home (total of about 2 miles walking). If I feel better tomorrow, I may run a little, but a track time trial will be postponed at least until Wednesday or Thursday, the way I feel now. It was difficult to be on the track without running.


Hope to have more positive updates soon!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winter Mile Attempt Aborted

With the February thaw, I had every intention of attempting an informal mile time trial (that wouldn't really count) on Tuesday night in the dark, but upon arrival at the track, there was still a partial snow cover, thus thwarting my attempt. I ended up doing a 4.6 mile run instead, with a few farteks. Today we are supposed to see a few inches of snow, so any additional attempts may be postponed. My logic in attempting a time trial this early is that if I am to have any hope of cracking 5 this spring, I can't be waiting around until mid-or late March for my first mile. I need to get out there soon and at least break 6 with training shoes on, then start approaching the 5:30s by early April, sub 5:20 by May, and then we'll see what happens in June/July, when I could potentially enter some races in Rochester.

Friday, February 6, 2009

X-treme Winter Training

Winter has continued here, with Extreme XC skiing yesterday, and then more moderate XC skiing in a local park today. Yesterday's outing included hilly, heavily wooded terrain, spectacular scenery (including deer), and a few dangerous downhills (see video of a colleague crashing).

Today's 5K ski at Bassett Park averaged about 13:20 per mile, which wasn't too bad, considering I had to break trails, sometimes breaking through a hard upper crust, before sinking into several inches of snow.

We're expecting a "heat wave" this weekend and for the next few days, with temperatures near or above 40, so I expect I'll be doing mainly running over the next several days. I'm a little anxious to get out onto the track, but unless someone shoveled it, even with these few days of warmup, I suspect there will still be a layer of snow or ice on it. If it does clear out, I may just do an "informal" mile time trial, that of course, won't count for anything.

That's it for now....


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting My Running Legs Back

I ran two days in a row this week, Monday and Tuesday, 4 miles each run. Monday I averaged 8:17 per mile, but included about 3 fartleks or surges, probably at a 7-minute pace. I felt pretty good the whole way. Then I ran Tuesday, with the intention of running I did. I averaged about 8:38 per mile, with no fartleks. Today I took off, then tomorrow I'll be cross country skiing with a co-worker, then back to running Friday, and hopefully Saturday and Sunday. With warmer temps and rain in the forecast, I don't plan to ski over the weekend.

This may seem like a small step, but every workout brings me closer to a sub-5 mile........I think..........