Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1978 SUNYAC 3-Mile!!

No, I didn't win the 1978 3-mile SUNYAC championship 3-mile run, but I did take the lead with 1/2-mile to go, and ran the last half mile in 2:10, finishing in 14:39 (3 seconds ahead of the Fuscs infamous 14:42 in the pouring rain earlier that season). 

Raybuck, Brenner, and Neary, 1978 SUNYACs.
I finished third, but the consolation is that both Don Brenner and Rich Neary from Fredonia were very good runners!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Running Strategy Change!

Now normally, this time of year, I take 2 to 3 weeks off from running, and try to recover, then run much less during the winter, until mid to late March, at which point I start a slow build-up.

However, someone from work decided to get a team together from our office to run the Shamrock Run 8k on March 2.  This is the 2nd largest road race in Buffalo, usually with about 3 to 4,000 people!  I agreed to run it, so now I will feel obligated to be in reasonable condition on March 2.  I simply don't like running a race unless i'm in at least fair to good condition.

So, here's my new plan.  I still need a bit of time off to recoop from several months of hard training, so I won't really start running much until about January 21.  In the interim, though, I'm starting to do indoor biking, probably 3 times per week, weights, ab workouts, and then cross country skiing on the weekends, if there is enough snow.  If there is not enough snow, I will probably do some short runs.

After January 21, I think I'll start out with about 20 to 22 miles the first week, then ramp it up to about 30 miles per week over a couple weeks.  I'll include some longer runs (about 7 miles), and probably even a couple good, solid tempo runs.

I'm hoping that this program, along with the hard work I've done the past 6 to 8 months, will at least allow a decent performance on March 2.  After March 2, I may do 2 or 3 more easy weeks again, before starting Spring training, and thinking once again about the ever elusive sub-5 mile!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in Review

Well, folks, another year of running has passed by, and a new year is starting!  Here's a 2012 summary:

1.  Sadly, Eric has retired (at least for now) from running, due to a foot injury.  I still hold out hope that after a few months off, he will be able to start up again.  If not, we may need to change the name of the blog.....Mark's Running and Eric and Dave's Wisdom??? Not sure it has a good ring to it. 

2.  Regarding Point No. 1 above, we have considered making the blog more open to other topics.  Perhaps Mark and Eric's Fitness??  Codgers Running and Biking??

3.  Summary of Mark's 2012 running antics and highlights below:

         1.  Surgery in late 2011, resulted in two months of no running, until late February or so 2012.
         2.  After gradually working back into shape, first race was a 19:55 5K road race in August, in which daughter Kaila ran 22 and change, her best effort since early high school.
        3.   Placed 3rd overall in a 5K trail race in 19:39 in late September, but getting a nice trophy for overall masters.  Luckily, another masters edged out a younger guy for the overall win, allowing me the masters trophy.  This was faster than my 20:03 on the same course in 2011, but the weather was much better this year.

4.           17th overall out of close to 300 runners, and a couple minutes slower than my 2011 time in an 8.25 mile trail/obstacle race with a pond swim in mid-October.  Hard to compare to previous years because they alter the course every year, but based on my place (17th) compared to 2011 (9th), I think I really was slower.
Reindeer Run 2012.  Relaxing my face!
5.           Just slightly better than mid-pack in an 8K cross country race in November, against some stiff competition in Rochester, NY, running 31:37.  Not a bad time, but it was a flat course, and I didn't feel like I performed up to par.  However, I mis-timed my warmup and found myself back at my car about 10 minutes before the gun, a half -mile from the start line, and actually had to run faster than I wanted to back to the starting area.  Oh well, a rookie mistake for someone who has been running for over 40 years!
6.  18:46 and 12th out of about 800 runners in a flat 5K road race in early December, 3rd in my age group.  All three of the 50 to 54 guys finished consecutively, in 10th, 11th, and 12th overall.  We beat everyone but one guy in the 40 to 44 and 45 to 49 age groups, and would have placed 3rd over better in ANY age group.  Not bad for old guys!
7.  The grand finale, a 5:21.99 indoor mile on the track at RIT, December 29.  5th out of 10, tired, but overall, not too bad a finish for 2012.

At our age, it's hard to tell what each year will bring, but I look forward to 2013!!