Friday, November 22, 2013

Neenan still keeps Kenyans in sight late into the race...

Former Colonials:

I hope that you are all doing well.

Until last Sunday, the last time that I ran a race was in the mid-1990's while I was living in D.C., and much younger.  However, I got the wild idea to run the Big Sur/Monterey Bay Half Marathon last weekend.  It's a spectacular course the goes along the Pacific Ocean and the field is very competitive.  Over 9,000 people started the race, and the organizers brought in a group of world class Kenyans to provide more competition for a good group of American runners.   It's an out-and-back course so I saw the Kenyans cruising along at 4:46 per mile.   I ran a 1:39:10, which is about a 7:34/mile pace.  I was under 7:30/mile for the first 11 miles and then faded the last 2.1 miles.  I finished 9th in my age category (55-59) and 270th overall in the men's competition.  So, not very impressive but I don't care.  I can't decide whether to do the smart thing and re-retire from racing or try again next year.  The enclosed photo shows how tired I was at the finish line, and I was sore for the next two days.  Getting old sucks.

I don't have Mark Raybuck's e-mail address to post this on his blog.

Have a great Thanksgiving.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Second cross country race of the season!

Mud, a few hills, leaves, grass, wind, some rain......this is cross country!  Greater Buffalo Track Club cross country race, near Hoyt Lake in Buffalo.  Nice course, but wet, muddy, and some decent hills!  I wasn't expecting this for a city race!

Halfway, where wife yelled "even the GIRLS are running faster than you!"

I managed 16th overall out of 111 runners, 1st in the old guy's 55 to 59 year old age group.

Results are here.

BUT, I lost to the first woman by about 5 seconds!  At about halfway, my wife was taking pictures of me and couldn't resist commenting "even the GIRLS are running faster than you! (Gary Truce, circa 1978)

I also lost to a 62 year old by about 50 seconds!  He is, however, close to nationally ranked for his age group, but nonetheless...................

Just past halfway..C'mon Harry!
OK, Mark, Go with John!
Next up, a 10k very hilly cross country race next weekend at Mendon Ponds Park near Rochester, NY.