Friday, August 30, 2013

A Travesty!!!

I was searching around to find something on Dave Bailey to prove his existence and stumbled across this link, which claims to be an all time roster of the the Binghamton University X-Country Team.  That Dave Bailey isn't on there is not shocking (I think he only ran track), but I'm not on there (Okay maybe that's not too shocking), but Kevin "Spoon" McCarthy is not on there, Paul Horn is not on there, and, GASP(!) our own Dr. K is not on there!  Now that's shocking.

Bob Nigro is on there.  Kevin Hardwick, The Fusc, and the Raybucks are on there.  Rick Banke, Tony Banks, Dave Cody, Bob Daniels, John Luther, Sheldon Melnitsky, Rob Neenan (rode through his hometown on the FANY.), Mark Peters, Jim Graham, Matt Williams, Frank Waltzer, Gary Wallace.  Where's Bill Schmidt?  Who was the guy with the long straight hair and beard?  What about Chris Cody?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mark's Late Summer Training Update

Hello, fans!  You've probably missed me!

I've been quite busy with real life, job, home, grandson duties, etc.

This summer I have made a more concerted effort to get my money's worth out of my clay court tennis club membership, trying to play a couple times per week.  That, combined with warm weather, explains a bit of a reprieve from heavy duty running.  I've probably only averaged 10 to 12 miles per week running that last couple of months, plus 1 to two times per week of fairly strenuous singles tennis matches.

I'm gradually starting to run a bit more, but still, I'm only doing 4 to 4.5 mile runs, at about 8:20 to 8:40 pace.  This will start to pick up soon, once I see signs of cooler weather, and as the tennis seasons winds down!

As usual, I hope to run some trail and cross country races this fall.

Stay tuned!!