Friday, August 17, 2012

Running Raybucks Make Impact in Moonlight Run 5K

Mark and Kaila Raybuck fared well in Wednesday night's Moonlight Run 5K in Williamsville, NY, placing 57th and 167th, respectively, out of more than 1,100 runners.

Race start:  See Mark at arrow.
Kaila, running her first race since high school cross country, ran a very respectable 22:49 (7:22/mile), placing 9th in the women's 20 to 24 age group.  What made this even more impressive was that she played two full sets of tennis earlier in the afternoon!  On top of that, she didn't pay much attention to mile splits, and wasn't really aware of where she was until she noticed the finish line.  "I didn't realize the race was almost over, but I must have picked off 50 people in the final straightaway!" stated Kaila to reporters after the race.  "I really enjoy picking people off!"

Mark ran moderately well also, with a 19:55 (6:25/mile), good enough for 2nd out of 62 in the men's 50 to 54 age group.  After passing one of his age-group competitors with 400 meters to go, the runner sprinted by Mark in the last 50 meters.  However, the results were based on "net" electronic chip time, and Mark was awarded the win, much to the chagrin of the now 3rd place finisher!  To make this story even better, the competitor, one Ronald Prabucki, is reportedly the brother of Bernie Prabucki, an All American from the Gary Truce days, who typically beat Raybuck in NCAA cross country and track and field in the late 70s.

Oh, and there were great hot dogs after the race!

Full results are posted here.  I have not located any race photos yet, but will post later if discovered.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

5K Race Tonight!

Tonight at 8 pm, my daughter and I will lace up our spikes (well, flats), and toe the line at the annual Williamsville Moonlight 5K Run.  In the summer, I am usually not in good shape due to tennis and the heat (don't like running in the heat), but my daughter wanted to run a 5K race, so I agreed. 

Now that I'm entered, I'm hoping for something like a 6:15 to 6:30 pace, or 19:20ish to 19:50ish.  This is a very competitive race for a 5K, with about 900 runners, and a likely finish place (if I do well) of around 50th.

Results to come in a blog within the next couple of days!!

Stay tuned!

Coach Dave

Congratulations to our very own Dave Caplin, new cross country coach at Hudson High School in Hudson, Ohio.  Dave joins the growing list of former SUNY-B runners who are now professional running coaches.  Others known to be coaching are Bill McMullen and Mike Raybuck.

Dave writes:  "I've been working with the guys since July 9. It's going well and our first meet is Aug 25. We got a late start b/c of the transition but I'm not worried. Four of my returning runners were at State last year. I'm having incredible fun."

My Aching Foot

The good news:  my foot is not broken.  The bad news:  it is bruised and I need to give serious consideration to not running.

Yesterday I visited a foot doctor who is a good friend who did an exam and took a number of X-rays and showed them to me.  There are no obvious breaks but I'm sure the pain is real.  The thinking is that years and years of supination has put me on a path towards a nasty fracture (quite possibly the eventual result could be the infamous Jones fracture).

There was no particular incident.  All of a sudden, not even after running, I had a lot of pain.  In the fall of 2008 I had a similar thing happen (though at that time the pain started right after a run).  Back then the pain was never as bad as it is now and I never consulted a doctor.  Nor do I think I stopped running.  After about 18 months I was pain free.

I think the sane thing to do is to quite running and get more serious about biking.  Right now, running is out of the question.  I'm not even going to try and bike for a few more days to give the foot some more rest time.

The thought of not running makes me sad.  I started running when during cross country season in 1972 when I was a junior in high school.  That's almost 40 years.  Ever since then I've run most days and on the days that I didn't run I usually felt guilty about not running.