Thursday, February 12, 2009

Winter Mile Attempt Aborted

With the February thaw, I had every intention of attempting an informal mile time trial (that wouldn't really count) on Tuesday night in the dark, but upon arrival at the track, there was still a partial snow cover, thus thwarting my attempt. I ended up doing a 4.6 mile run instead, with a few farteks. Today we are supposed to see a few inches of snow, so any additional attempts may be postponed. My logic in attempting a time trial this early is that if I am to have any hope of cracking 5 this spring, I can't be waiting around until mid-or late March for my first mile. I need to get out there soon and at least break 6 with training shoes on, then start approaching the 5:30s by early April, sub 5:20 by May, and then we'll see what happens in June/July, when I could potentially enter some races in Rochester.

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