Friday, February 6, 2009

X-treme Winter Training

Winter has continued here, with Extreme XC skiing yesterday, and then more moderate XC skiing in a local park today. Yesterday's outing included hilly, heavily wooded terrain, spectacular scenery (including deer), and a few dangerous downhills (see video of a colleague crashing).

Today's 5K ski at Bassett Park averaged about 13:20 per mile, which wasn't too bad, considering I had to break trails, sometimes breaking through a hard upper crust, before sinking into several inches of snow.

We're expecting a "heat wave" this weekend and for the next few days, with temperatures near or above 40, so I expect I'll be doing mainly running over the next several days. I'm a little anxious to get out onto the track, but unless someone shoveled it, even with these few days of warmup, I suspect there will still be a layer of snow or ice on it. If it does clear out, I may just do an "informal" mile time trial, that of course, won't count for anything.

That's it for now....


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