Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Update from Maryland

Howdy, everyone. I'm down here in beautiful Potomac, Maryland for the week. Yesterday I ran 5.5 miles, including a tempo run of 2.6 miles on very hilly, rugged trails. The 2.6 miles was done at about a 7:40 pace. This seems slow, but a normal run on these trails is usually well over 9 minutes per mile, so I think this was about right for a tempo run. I was doing this as preparation for a hilly 6K cross country race down here on Saturday. Previous winning times have been just under 7 minutes per mile, so I know it is very hilly and very slow. I'm hoping for about a top 10 finish amongst an expected 100 to 130 runners, but we shall see. Today I hope to run about 6 miles on trails, if I don't get rained out.


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