Monday, May 10, 2010

No Time Trials Yet

Although the "numerous" followers of this blog are probably anxiously awaiting the results of my first 2010 mile time trial, I will have to disappoint them once again. I thought about a time trial this weekend, starting on last Friday, but I still feel that my "lesson learned" from last year is that I am trying to attain a very lofty goal (sub 5 mile) on a shoe-string budget of miles (typically less than 20 miles per week average). This year, I would like to try for at least a few 30+ mile weeks, with longer long runs (maybe 8 to 10 miles), and see if that gives me a boost. Thus, I am still in the "building" stage, with 24 miles last week and a long run of 6 miles.

Yesterday, I only ran 4 miles, at a pace of about 8:50/mile, and was quite fatigued. This was a combination of running 6 miles on Friday evening, then about 4 miles Saturday in a windstorm, then digging and landscaping in my yard yesterday afternoon before my run.

Today, I hope to run either 4.5 miles or conduct a mile time trial, then take tomorrow off, run Wednesday (or do my time trial then), take Thursday off, then run Friday, Saturday to round off the week. Due to time constraints with work during the week, I may postpone my first mile time trial until next weekend, but I will do it soon. The initial goal will be sub-6, but in the back of my mind, I would like to hit sub-5:48, which is the "Norton Barrier." (search blog for Norton Barrier for an explanation).


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