Friday, May 7, 2010

BuRP Training Continues

I've got about 900 miles in for the season. That's not too bad. I had hoped to have 1000 in before the BuRP ride, and it will be more like 1200. Longest day so far is 68 miles.

Next week there is an organized century ride (100 miles) nearby. If the weather is good I'll ride that, and it will be a kind of graduation. A century this early in the year is a good sign.

Weight loss is going well. I'm down 25 pounds from where I was in February. You'd think that I would be dramatically faster in the hills, but that isn't the case.

Eric must have jinxed me because I crashed again last week. I was riding home from work on the commuter bike and a stick got caught between the fender and tire. It jammed up, brought the wheel to a stop and I did an endo. No faceplant, and just a few bruises. I got off easy. Now I know why modern fenders have breakaway tabs.


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Sub 5 at 50 miler said...

What is BURP ride? Do you ride as long as you can until a burp comes out?

I'm still getting used to these biking posts, which often seem to deal with crashing. This is much more exciting than running, in which crashes are rare, and actually, excitement is pretty rare, too. I'm thinking I should run some tricky trail runs so that I might have a chance of "crashing."