Sunday, November 23, 2008

Training Heats Up as Weather Cools Down

With less than two weeks before a 5K road race, I have increased the intensity of training to include 2 solid speed workouts per week. Last Wednesday I did another lactate threshold (tempo) run, consisting of 4 miles (1 easy, 2 hard, 1 easy), but my Garmin battery died, so I don't know the pace of the middle two miles. If Iwere to guess, I'd say the middle two miles were at about a 6:50 pace.

Today, I went to the track for two one mile intervals, with a goal of 6:20 per mile each. The first one was 6:18, then about 4.5 minutes rest, followed by a 6:06. I was a bit surprised with the 6:06, as I did not think it was that much faster than the first mile, although I did kick the last 400 meters or so.

Anyway, I'm thinking that I should be ready for somewhere in the 19 flat to 19:30 range by race day. In fact, I may run one more race the following week, on December 13, since I am really just getting into shape, and I don't want to end the season with all my eggs in one 5 kilometer basket, so to speak.

Any thoughts on how I should train the final two weeks? I ran two longer weeks of training (27 a and 28 miles, respectively, then last week was only 19 miles, but better quality runs. I'm thinking of about 20 to 25 miles this week, again with 2 speed workouts, then tapering on race week, but with good quality runs.

Ironically, while at the track, an old guy was running in the reverse direction around the track, just plodding along slowly and happily, not at all concerned, but perhaps mildly amused by seeing a middle-aged man running a speed workout. This, of course, made me start thinking about retiring from competitive running. Why shouldn't I just enjoy running for the sake of running?


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Eric said...

My thoughts on how Mark should train are that his techniques work quite well for him and it would be silly for me to try and give him any advice. He has proven to be very wise when it comes to understanding how to get reasonable performance out of his rusty old body.

I'm not even going to start the retirement debate. He can't and he won't. I, however, probably should.