Wednesday, November 26, 2008

2-mile time trial sluggish, but useful

Today I did a warmup mile, then under cold, windy conditions (snow flurries and stiff cross wind), I embarked on a 2-mile time trial, primarily to get used to running relatively fast for a sustained period of time, prior to my December 6, 2008 5K road race. I had a modest goal of 6:30 per mile, given the conditions, and my garb consisting of full sweats, hat, gloves, and training shoes. I ended up at 12:43, or 6:21.5 per mile, probably about 5 seconds faster on the 2nd mile than the first.

I will say that this was not an easy run, and I could not have envisioned running another mile at that pace. Somehow, I have a goal of around 19 flat for the 5K race, which is 6:07 per mile, so there might be a slight disconnect between training and racing. But I've been training hard for several weeks now, and have been doing 2 speed workouts per week, so on any given day, my legs are not fresh. After this weekend, I plan to taper, and do short, quicker workouts next week, prior to the race. We'll just have to see what happens!

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Eric said...

A couple of years ago I had a shower built in my office and then added a treadmill. The shower primarily because I used to sometimes run at lunch and the treadmill mostly so that employees who liked to walk at lunch could do so when the weather was not good outside.

I think I'm the only person who has ever used the shower. I'm the primary user of the treadmill--it's good this time of year when it is dark before and after work and when the cold weather makes it easy to avoid running outside.

To the treadmill now for a short run.

Happy Xgiving.