Sunday, November 2, 2008

MSR Training Update

Training has been improving lately. It took longer than I expected to recoop from the 8.5-mile cross country/trail race, so my training pace seemed to slow down for a while. However, Friday's 4-miler on trails was an 8:12/mile average, and I felt pretty good.

This week was only 17 miles total in 4 runs, but decent quality. And today, I was planning on a track speed workout, but it was so nice, I opted for a longer run. I ended up doing 6 miles, my longest training run of 2008, at 8:29 per mile, including some grass and trails.

This is all leading up to trying for a decent 5K road race in early December. My time last year in that race was 19:28, so at a minimum I would like to beat that, and with some luck, maybe crack 19.

More later.

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