Sunday, October 16, 2011

GVH Mudslog 2011 Preliminary Results!

Today I ran the approximately 8.5 mile GVH Mudslog XC race.  A trail race of sorts, with steep hills, single track trails, swamps, deep mud, various obstacles, fences, climbing wooded trails/hills, and a very cold "swim" in an 8 foot deep pond!

Early in Race

Results:  9th overall out of 223 (compared to 17th last year out of 182); 1st in age group 50 to 59 (3rd last year), and time of 1:09:50 (1:13:27 last year).  Roughly the same course, but they change up the obstacles and course a bit each year, so hard to compare times directly.

Running creek, 1.5 miles to go.
 Overall, I was pleased, and I think it was an improvement over last year. Last year I was about 12 minutes behind the same guy that won the race this year, and this year I was only about 6 minutes behind him.

"Barrel crossing" - 1 mile to go!

Go Striders!

Full results are at the link below:

Click here for complete results.



Eric said...

Very impressive! If you can get the kind of performances you've been turning in lately with the minimal training you've been doing, I think you should resume your assault on the 5-minute mile.

Sub 5 at 50 miler said...

I've been running a bit more this year in general. 25 to 30 mile weeks have been fairly common, with a few over 30 miles (like the previous week - 36.5 miles). Often I have either a session of tennis or biking in addition to the running miles, but I don't count those, unlike Mark Peters.

I would like to make a concerted effort in the mile, but I'm somewhat constrained for time at this phase of my life. Some things (like a grandson) have to take priority over running.

Speedo said...

Holy crap. You look like an animal Mark!