Friday, October 7, 2011

First race over, back to training!

With the first "tune-up" race of the "season" over, it's back to work on the roads and trails.  The day after the race, I ran 7.3 slow, tired miles on the roads.  Monday I took off, Tuesday was 5.5 nocturnal road miles, Wednesday was 5 miles on flat trails, averaging about 8:26/mile, with a few fartleks, especially while chasing deer (yes, we have lots of deer in our area).  Last night I did the same trail run, but included a 2.6 mile "tempo" portion in the middle, averaging 6:52/mile for the tempo run portion.

Tonight may be 5 or 6 miles on trails again.  Would like to log some good miles this weekend, in advance of the October 16 8.5 mile cross country/trail/obstacle race.  My training is not overly conducive to longer races like this, with maximum "long" runs of about 7 miles.  I'll try to get one 8 miler in this weekend if I can.



Eric said...

This is starting to sound like serious training. The Striders need these kind of efforts. Our status as an elite racing team has gone down in recent years. Thanks Mark for leading the way back!

Sub 5 at 50 miler said...

Agreed! We need to get back to our former elite status, which was highlighted by winning the team award at the now internationally famous Utica Boilermaker Race (of course it was embroiled in controversy).