Saturday, September 12, 2009

Phase 2 Mile Time Trial Falls Short

I fell short of my Phase 2 goal of sub 5:20 today, in a time trial with a fellow local runner (45-year-old youngster). I managed a respectable, but slightly disappointing 5:20.7, with splits of 79, 2:42, 4:04, and then, the shocker, sub-77. At least this improved my season's best 5:24 by nearly 4 seconds, better than some of my previous 1/10th second improvements.

The fellow runner had run 5:12 in the mile race two weeks ago (12 seconds ahead of my 5:24), so I was guessing he would be about 10 meters up on me the whole way, and even stretch that out some. But, this was not his day, and I caught him on the final backstretch, and ended up in the lead. He did comment before the start that he would be happy with a 5:20 today.

Anyway, it certainly was more enjoyable and challenging doing a time trial with someone else on the track. The two of us may try this again in the near future, as he is also on a semi-serious sub-5 quest.

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