Sunday, June 29, 2008

220 Time Trial by Old Buck

At the request of Eric, and without questioning him as to why I needed to do this, I ran a 220 yard time trial tonight on the track. After a mile or so warmup, I ran a quarter in 85, then a practice 200 meter in 35 seconds. After a couple minutes rest, I launched into a genuine 220 time trial, even backing up approximately 1 meter from the 200 meter start line to make it relatively accurate.

The time? 32.7. My last recorded 200 meters was 29.4 in May 2003, so this is slower, but I am 5 years older now. My last recorded 400 meters, for comparison, was 65.1 in July 2003.

As for whether the new 220 time is representative of what I can do, I was a bit full from a dinner out at Olive Garden, and my quarter in 85 before, then 84 and 83 after the 220 were tough, when just last week I ran a 5:40 mile (averaging 85 seconds).

Now, the question is, what was the rationale for me running this......I risked life and limb to do it!

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