Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Long Road Back!

Well, folks, after about 5 weeks of no running due to some surgery, I started yesterday....well, sort of.....

During the course of a 1.7 mile brisk walk, I jogged one entire lap around the track, and then added another 150 meters of jogging near the end of the walk.  My doctor gave me clearance on Tuesday to start running and working out again, but said I should build back up gradually.  I still have scars from 6 incisions, and the abdomen is just a bit sore when I try to do pushups.

But regardless, this is exciting.  The hard part is going easy, and building gradually.  I think tonight I may ride an exercise bike for about 15 minutes instead of walking/running, due to predicted rain and mid 30s outside.  By the weekend, I will likely attempt a full one mile of easy running.  By the following weekend, my plan would be to run something like 2.5 miles, after which I will continue on fairly quickly until I am back to 4 to 5 mile runs about 3 to 4 times per week (my usual winter running).

Stay tuned!!!!

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