Monday, September 8, 2008

Younger Raybuck Takes Crack at 5K

Michael Raybuck ran an impressive 5K on the track yesterday, in a time of 24:33, or about 7:54 per mile. Impressive, especially considering this was done on essentially zero running training (with the exception of 3 or 4 mile time trials this season, and two or three 2 to 3-mile easy jogs. The remainder of his training has been limited to cross training on the stair stepper and other indoor equipment, as well as outdoor walking in the evenings.

Raybuck, due to hip problems, is not able to train with conventional running, so has had to make due with alternatives, sometimes including swimming when preparing for significant time trials such as this recent 5K attempt. Raybuck was exhuberant following yesterday's attempt, with a goal of just breaking 8 minutes per mile. "My first 200 meters was 55-seconds, already 5 seconds ahead of pace," stated Raybuck immediately after the event. "After that, I settled comfortably into 2-minute quarters, like clockwork." This even pacing was strikingly similar to Prefontaine's idea when he decided, shortly before his untimely death, that he would set the world record in the 3-mile run, by running a 12:36. In describing this to Frank Shorter, Pre said "It's simple. I'm going to run 63 second quarters..............63.....boom! 2:06.......boom! 3:09........boom!"

Fans are now hoping Raybuck will attempt another "bad-hip" mile time trial, to improve upon his 6:41 earlier this summer.

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