Monday, September 15, 2008

September 2008 Running Update

Since most of my recent blogs have been of a historical nature, I decided it was time (with a comment from Eric), to post a more recent update.

This was a tough summer for running, general. After a rather sluggish 5-mile race in mid-July at 7:09 per mile, I ran very little for nearly a month. In part this was due to babysitting the grandson, but also summer heat, some travel, getting Kaila ready for college, and clay court tennis season. I typically only ran once or twice per week during this period, plus some tennis.

Since then, I have gradually increased, but I am probably still only at 4 times per week, for a total of about 16 miles. This past weekend, I ran 5.2 miles on Friday, then 4 miles on Saturday, with some brisk fartleks. The clay tennis courts are still open, but I will probably only be playing about once per week, so running is phasing in again.

In short, I hope to be in decent shape by middle of October for my second running of an 8-mile hilly trail race (the one with the pond swim).

I have no times to report, buy may try a 5K on the track soon, just to gauge my fitness, or lack thereof.

More updates later, as i increase my training to prepare for cross country season.


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