Friday, May 27, 2016

Blast From The Past: Expression of Gratitude

Dear SUNY Binghamton Runners,

Everything I always wanted to know about success and was afraid to look at as mine to own was there for the taking when I began to observe and reflect on my experiences training.  If I’m to split hairs on this subject I’d say that many of the lessons about success I garnered from running came after my days of logging miles and running distance events was behind me. The past 13 years or so I’ve been running sprints four days per week, a “grand” total of 6-7 miles per week.  This has been the period that the benefits of serious training have generalized to other spheres of my life. 

Why would I think you might be interested in what I have to say about such matters some 40 years after the last outdoor track meet I accompanied many of you on?  Good question.

The answer is that this a letter of thanks to so many of you who inspired me to discover my “inner athlete.”  I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to so many of you for modeling the grit, determination, self-discipline, passion, athleticism, and mental toughness you modeled racing on the track and in cross country events.

I also felt confident that you would get a huge kick out of seeing me in action on my website at 

Below is an incomplete list of folks I fondly remember made a difference in my life in ways most of you never gave a thought to.  If I left out some names please forgive me as I am 61 years old and rather prone these days to “senior moments.” I’d like to thank Coach Truce for helping me fill out the list.

Thanks again.


Mitchell Milch, Harpur College, Class of 1976, Manager of SUNY Binghamton's Track & Field Team

Coach Gary Truce
Coach Jim Calloway
Gary Wallace
Paul Mucci
John Moreau
Bill Morrissey
Mike Cunningham-Okay I snuck him onto the list
Tom Fusco
George Archie
Henry Shuford
Tony Sykes
Gabe Kaplan
Bill McMullen
Bob Nigro
Merritt Hartblay
Sheldon Melnitsky
Eric Kaplan
Dave Moin
Kevin McCarthy
James Jeter
Frank Walters
Dave Cody
Oliver Walcott
Neil Schutzman
Bob Daniels
Richard Seidman
Dave Caplin
Bill Gallagher
Steve Weintraub

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Sub 5 at 50 miler said...

Maybe we missed each other. I started in the Fall of 1976. Yet, still disappointed I did not make the list among the greats.