Sunday, January 4, 2015

A long absence, but still running!

Wow, due to "real life" commitments (like going to work every day), and family commitments, I have been lax in blogging, and thus, thousands of follower have been disappointed.  But, to alleviate concerns, I am still running.  However, I have only raced twice this year:  a 5k road race in April, and a one mile "alumni" race with my old high school (I ran against the current high school kids) in May.

Except for training runs on trails, I essentially skipped cross country season this year, very unusual for me.  In the 5k race in April, I managed just over 20 minutes, and finished second overall out of about 130.  I know, likely the slowest second place finish ever, nothing to boast about.  I was gaining on the winner right up until the end, and was only two seconds behind, but ran out of real estate.  My wife was disappointed, as for this particular race, there was an unusually large winner's trophy, and with a winning time of over 20 minutes, seems like it was in reach.  Results are here.

In the mile run, which included about a dozen high schoolers, and a couple oldsters like me, I managed a 5:45 last May.  Nothing too swift, but it was about 85 degrees that day.

I'm not going to predict when my next race or time trial will be...too many variables in my life right now.  However, training has been going well, getting in 25 to 30 miles per week the last few weeks, including some tempo and fartlek runs.  A few 4 to 5 milers have been under an 8 minute pace, and today's 5 mile run with a 1.5 mile tempo run was encouraging, running the tempo portion at about 7:04/mile pace.

That's it for now!!!


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