Monday, December 1, 2008

November Mileage

Miles for the year: 3188
Percent bike commute: 47

A month to go. I doubt I'll make 3500, which is a bit of a disappointment. If the weather improves I might be able to tick the percent bike commute up a bit in December. Unfortunately the end of November saw mostly rainy mornings, that's a killer for my bike commuting. I will ride in the cold down to 15 deg F, but I won't start the day riding in the rain.

It is remarkable how few long rides I did this year. Only 3 metric centuries (62 miles) and no centuries (100 miles). I did a boatload of rides in the 50s, but they don't count as "long rides". My wife convinced me not to sign up for any centuries in advance. Her point was that if you sign up in advance and the weather stinks on the day of the ride you either get wet, or have wasted your money.

That idea is fine in principle, except that if you don't sign up in advance and commit your $$ then the motivation to get up and go on the day of the ride is diminished. See, for example, the way that Sub-5-at-50 is preparing for his 5K. He committed himself and now he's preparing himself. An example for us all. Okay, as usual, a goal for 2009 will be to ride at least one century, but this year I WILL sign up in advance.

Good luck in your 5K Youngbuck!



Sub 5 at 50 miler said...

Very impressive mileage, even if we were to "discount" it as equivalent running miles! But what is the deal with paying in advance for training runs (bikes)? Who do you pay? Are these races, with prizes and hardware for the top in each age group?

Speedo said...

The rides you pay for are organized rides. Typically LONG rides like centuries (100 miles). One can always just go out and bang off a century on their own, but organized centuries have certain advantages.

So, you might pay $10-15 for an organized century but there will be

1) A sag van to pick you up if you have a mechanical problem, or simply bonk.

2) Mechanical support

3) Food/water stops (usually with the all important Port-a-potties!)

4) A giftie of some sort. T-shirt, water bottle, hat etc.

profl unze said...

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