Thursday, October 9, 2008

Running On The Danube

Well, actually next to the Danube.  I've been in Budapest, Hungary this week and have been running on a nice flat road next to the river.  I'm back to 1,5 miles.  My pace is not so great--just beating 8 minutes/mile.  But the good news is that my foot continues to improve.  No pain while running and sometimes while not running I feel a dull pain.  But the pain seems to keep dulling and is occurring with less frequency.
My first full day here I saw people running in the Budapest Marathon.  I had no interest in joining them and was quite content to be riding a bicycle (slowly) as I toured the city.

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49miler said...

Wow, you really get around! Interesting to get running reports from all over the world. Running along the famous Danube River is quite impressive.