Sunday, July 13, 2008

Younger Raybuck Spotted Running a Mile

The younger Raybuck brother, a 4:26 high school miler, was spotted this afternoon at the track, clocking a 6:45 mile. Seemingly slow for a former elite athtlete (and Dr. K Strider), Raybuck has not been able to run for more than 3 years now, due to an arthritic hip that has been recommended by doctors for a replacement.

His training thus consists solely of an exercise bike and stair stepper machine, plus nightly 1 to 2 mile walks.

Raybuck was elated with the time...........having coached at Fillmore High School this past track season, he has a personal goal this year of beating his slowest miler's time of 6:36. And after today's encouraging performance (a 12-second improvement over a 6:57 from 3 weeks ago), he is now considering the possibility of running in the Gary Truce Classic 5K in Binghamton this coming October. What an addition to the entrants that would be..........putting both Raybuck brothers in the Truce Classic, which will be held in conjunction with the Binghamton Invitational Cross Country Event.

More Gary Truce Classic 5K news to come over the coming weeks!


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