Friday, May 16, 2008

Training Update: tempo runs

I'm starting to incorporate some weekly tempo runs into my routine, just to give my legs some semblance of race pace, and to learn to grit it out for a couple miles at a time. Earlier this week, I ran 4 miles, with the middle two miles in the 6:30s. I did a similar run a couple weeks ago, and this time I averaged about 5 seconds per mile faster for the tempo portion. Maybe that means I'm in slightly better shape, maybe it just means I put forth more effort this time.

I hope to get out on the track this weekend for a timed mile, which is really the best indicator of progress. The tempo run, as depicted by the SportTracks software (imported from the Garmin GPS watch), is summarized above (or to the left, depending on where the graphic ends up on your screen).


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