Friday, October 4, 2013

First "Fall" Cross Country Race Results!

Hi, everyone:

I ran my first cross country/trail race of the season last Saturday:  a moderately hilly, wooded, trail race.  5th overall out of 90, first overall masters (40 years plus).

Takeoff!  I'm No. 46 in the dead center, bright green!
However, after watching the recent Mary Decker movie, I was boasting to my brother and wife how I NEVER fall when running.  Well, that streak is over!  Somewhere around 1.7 or 1.8 miles, I must have hit a root and tripped, fell quite hard, skinned hand and leg, jammed finger.  I rolled and got back up, though, so probably only lost a few seconds, and did not lose any places.  The next guy behind me, though, saw me fall, and he was next in line for the overall masters award, although he was only 40.  I thought he was much younger, so I really wasn’t worried about him,  but I kept the gap, and still finished about 15 seconds ahead.
Roughly halfway, I think before the big fall!

My time was nearly a minute slower than last year (20:34 to 19:39), but I expected that, and told my wife I might be a minute slower.  I’m a bit behind in my training this year.  However, I’m rapidly feeling better, and starting to up the mileage, as tennis season is winding down.
I like this race!  In the last three years, I have managed the overall win and two overall masters wins.  Note that I have never actually crossed the finish line first, but that was covered in previous blogs.
Next potential race is a 6k (3.8 something miles) cross country race in Akron Falls Park on October 13.

Results are here

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